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Guardian Home Program

Be a part of our Guardian Home program and bring a wonderful breeding dog into your family. You provide a loving home, and we take care of the breeding side of things. Join us on this special adventure where you help us raise amazing dogs.

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Welcome to our unique Guardian Home program, an integral part of our breeding philosophy designed to ensure the utmost care and love for our dogs. In this program, we place our select breeding dogs with carefully chosen local families, known as Guardian Homes. This allows our dogs to live as cherished family pets in nurturing home environments, rather than in kennels. As a Guardian Home, you’ll enjoy the joy and companionship of a top-quality dog without the typical costs associated with acquiring one. 

About Our Guardian Program

Our Process

for female dogs

We hold the breeding rights to the dog and will need access to them several times a year for breeding purposes, health testing, and socialization activities.

For a female dog, she'll come to us periodically throughout the year for familiarity visits with our family, necessary testing, and breeding. She'll also stay with us starting a week before her due date until her puppies are weaned, around 6 weeks.

Once weaned, she'll joyfully return to the comfort of your home and the treats and love she's used to. A guardian female will have a maximum of four litters in her breeding career, with all breeding, birthing, and puppy-raising expenses covered by us.

for male dogs

For a male dog, we may require him for approved pairings, often on short notice, sometimes within an hour. Additionally, we need continuous access to the Guardian dog for any reproductive-related veterinary appointments.

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When the dog retires from breeding, we'll take care of the spaying or neutering costs. Typically, females retire around four years of age, while males may serve a bit longer. After retirement, they'll stay with you forever as your cherished companion pet and cuddly teddy bear!

When will the dog officially be mine?

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Guardian Home Requirements

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  • Location Requirements: Breeding females should be within a two-hour drive, and breeding males within a one-hour drive of Parkersburg, WV.
  • Home Environment: The dog must live indoors, have a fenced-in yard, and be leashed for outdoor adventures.
  • Time with the Dog: Ensure your schedule allows the dog not to be left alone for long periods, fostering constant companionship.
  • Puppy Training: Enroll the puppy in a manners course or obedience classes before 6 months of age to support their socialization.
  • Health and Nutrition: Commit to top-notch healthcare and feeding the dog high-quality food approved by us.
  • Veterinary and Grooming Care: Regularly take the dog for all essential vet and grooming appointments.
  • Recognize Breeding Readiness: Be aware of the behaviors that indicate when an unneutered/unspayed dog is ready to breed.
  • Temporary Ownership: Understand that the dog remains under the ownership of Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles during their breeding career, with ownership transferred to you only after spaying or neutering.
  • Love and Affection: Ensure the dog receives abundant love and affection!
  • Open Communication: Maintain constant communication with us regarding the dog's health, development, and overall condition for a successful Guardian relationship.

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